The awkward moment when you realize that the carnevale music from ACII is actually a ‘folk’ song of your country. Man, I knew I heard that melody before, but I couldn’t remember where and when and then my friend came over and watched as I play and she was “oh that’s familiar” *starts singing* and I was like *me gusta*. I even sang it in music class and I COULD NOT RECOGNIZE. Geez, I’m such a fail.

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Fuck it, I’m gonna make it *yaomingmeme*.

Shall make an Uncharted tumblr?

That would make me an even bigger procrastinator but idgaf.

weetermelon said: Why didn't I follow you before?

Good question :D

archivingcoriander said: Just had to say that this is such a gorgeous blog and pretty much exactly what I was looking for after I finished Revelations! Love your work :D

Oh, then I’m gald :D

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